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Monthly Archives: January 2008

I’ve just spent a couple of days screaming at Sage Line 50 trying to get it working over a VPN.
The application finds the data path, allows the user to select a company, but when credentials
are entered, it says:

“You have entered an invalid password”.

I’ve checked the credentials at the local site and they work, so spent some time mystified.

Eventually I found the solution, but it had nothing to do with the VPN – it was
actually an issue with the directory access that is assigned to the Saqe user.
If the application is installed by a different user (ie Administrator) then you need to allow
Everyone full control access to the /Documents and Settings/All Users and all child objects within.

I frequently flit between using a laptop and a desktop for work (both Ubuntu),

and I use a lot of files on the go. I’ve always just copied the files across from the

laptop when I returned to the office, but it’s not really efficient, as I had to either

a) copy all data – which could be several GB

b) select individual files, of which there were often loads.

I just stumbled across a small application called Unison though, and it’s pretty easy toinstall and configure. Potentially using this method, you could even sync securely over the web, as it uses SSH 🙂

First install OpenSSH server

$sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then install unison :

$ sudo apt-get install unison unison-gtk

You then need to modify the profile (you can either set up a new one or modify the default) in ~/.unison

$sudo pico default.prf

Under the profile, you should have the local root path, remote (SSH) root path, and then any paths that you want to include, followed by any paths to exclude:

# Unison preferences file

root = /home/roachy/ root = ssh://roachy@ path = work/ path = Music/ ignore = Path work/archive/*

Save the file and either run the GUI version


or the command line version