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Following a reboot of our Exchange 2003 server, the Pop3 service stated it was started, but on trying to connect to port 110 using telnet it just popped up “connection to the host lost”.  When we attempted to restart the service it hung when starting – there were no events in the event viewer following the stopping of the service.

The solution was to kill the process in Task Manager (inetinfo.exe).  We found it immediately re-spawned and worked…


  1. Thank you for the post, this too solved our issue, also no event logs referencing any issues.

  2. Is there a fix for this problem ???

  3. Not to my knowledge – I only find it happens occasionally…and that rdp’ing onto the server and killing the process works

  4. Solved by setting pop3svc service depend on service MSExchangeSA.

  5. thanks this helped me too

    no entry in event viewer just starting forever with no way to stop or restart the service.
    I appreciate your efforts!

    Rob W

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